JULY 21, 2017



So all of our hard work FINALLY paid off! We saved exactly half of our earnings from every show and stashed it away in a most secure location (a tin Beatles lunchbox in Aaron's closet complete with no lock) for over 3 months. After the lengthy and often frightening process of combing the deepest dankest corners of the interwebs, we stumbled upon our White Whale, our diamond in the rough. An unpassable deal. On none other than the auction app, LetGo. After the initial meeting, whereupon the van exceeded our rigorous standards with flying colors, we returned to the Batcave, gathered our finances and decided to sign the papers! We could not be more excited to finally have attained some physical manifestation of our commitment to this band and The Life. It's both humbling and extremely affirming. Armed with our new Van: Jean Claude Damm Van the plan is this: to bravely traverse the many highways and backroads of this great country until our message and music is known from the Golden Coast to the Garden State. So wish us luck and we hope to see you on the road or at a show somewhere! Cheers everyone!

JUNE 01, 2017



For the first year of The Shake's existence, the band had largely been run on a DIY premise. It had basically just been 3 guys who love to play music for the sake of music. But eventually something happened. They started writing original songs. They started having ideas for albums and artwork and merch. Suddenly, they knew they had to go bigger. In the two years since then, The Shake has ceased to be a garage band and moved into the realm of legitimacy. However, there comes a time in the lifespan of every band when they must ask themselves if this is going to be their future. And if so, certain preparations are required to create a future in which your band is your whole life. Such preparations include things like attaining a manager, booking agent, record label and national endorsements. But in order to do this, the band must buckle down and get serious. Seriously serious. They must make sure they present themselves in a professional way and that means having things like a website, active social media accounts and consistent fan interaction. The members of Top Shelf Shake realized that they had a choice: either buckle down, throw themselves into this band 150% and accomplish those things one by one or give up and join the ranks of those who said it was too hard, it was too unrealistic. Well, the choice was an easy one. One that brought us to this very day, and one that brought you to the very website whose corridors you now explore. Enjoy.

APRIL 05, 2017



Well, the time has come. The Shake is ready to expand its territories and get our peculiar brand of cali-style reggae rock out into the world. So to what other conclusion would we come than to buy a band van? Yes folks, that's right, we're saving for a chariot that will take us far and wide across the wild yonder of the American Frontier! And that means saving up every penny from our live shows, and CD/Merch sales, which is no easy feat. But the thought of exploring the back roads of America armed with nothing but our wits and our music is the kind of thing that keeps us determined, after every show and sale, to put that money straight in the bank, bringing us one step closer to our goal. The only danger to our plan is the ever-present temptation to buy beers when we're thirsty during the long nights of playing in bars to support this crazy dream of ours... Will The Shake be able to save enough money to buy a van?! Will they be able to overcome the temptation to spend some of that money on beer?! *insert dramatic soap opera music here* Find out on the next episode of The Top Shelf Show!

MARCH 20, 2017



Higher Education is more than just a debut album. It started out as a random collection of songs but slowly evolved into a cohesive story: A story about a person who goes through a transformation. The story arc traces events that unfold as the album progresses. The first act finds our hero in love and caring for little else besides the company of his one and only. Upon his return from a hedonistic yet lonely trip to the city of sin, he spends a carefree summer of love in the arms of his beloved before losing her to the trials and tribulations of any relationship. After a particularly bad day he realizes that it's only after he's lost her that he's able to turn off his mind and open himself to enlightenment, with but a little botanical assistance. The second act, in which our hero has successfully opened his mind, finds him beginning to see the world in different ways, noting the oppressive violence and senseless dependency on technology that runs rampart not only in the U.S. but the world over. The album closes with an admonition to the people of earth that the time has come to signal a change from the status quo.


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