• Can't Stop Myself

    Cant Stop Myself (from thinkin bout you)


    I haven't seen my baby since the night before last

    Been drinkin' too much and drivin' too fast

    Well I haven't been civil since I don't know when

    Been ragin' too hard in the city of sin

    And if i don't see my baby it'll make me crazy tonight


    Got here on Thursday night and drank a six pack

    All to myself and out's the way I passed

    Woke up four hours later and I was in a daze

    Thinkin' bout my woman is gonna make me crazed

    So I put on a suit and went out to raise the roof

    But I cant seem to stop myself from thinkin' bout you


    Woke up Friday morning, Devil's ache inside my head

    Mouth tastes like acid and my eyes bloody red

    Look around the hotel ain't surprised to find it trashed

    One thing that I can't explain is how I got this cash

    But it still ain't enough for me and all I gotta do is see my baby


    The first thing that I gotta do, is grab a beer and think you

    And crack it open wondering if you wish you could hear me singin'

    Are you thinkin' of me

    These neon lights can't hold me tight and I can't stop myself from thinkin'


    Saturday morning I was out in the sun

    Swimmin' in the pool and drinkin' a cold one

    Tryin' not to think bout the last time I was here

    Stayin' at the Hard Rock was my baby's idea

    We got a big ass suite and spent the weekend off our feet

    And now I'm spendin' all my time just tryna have as good a week

  • Maybe One Day

    I can never be who you want me to be baby

    I can only be myself

    Cuz if you do believe that you're meant to be my lady

    Then please stop givin' me hell

    Cuz I am in love with you but I got some work to do

    And I feel this just might be the end


    If you're wondering what's been goin on up in my head

    I wish there was a better way

    Cuz all the thundering back and forth has got me cryin'

    It seems we change like night and day

    Well I've done this dance before and I'd rather see the door

    Than watch it get more out of hand



    And maybe one day we will look back

    And smile on our time spent together

    The paths we walk alone, once crossed but not meant forever

    Those days are gone but they will live on in our memory

    If we should meet again, I know we'll look back, laugh in harmony


    When I think about all the things that have come to pass

    The pleasure and the bitter pain

    To live a life without love is like a car out of gas

    You'll end up walkin' in the rain

    Thinkin' all the things that you should've said or could've done

    At least when you were mine I made you feel like the only one




    Cuz everytime we fight, I pick up all the pieces

    And every other night, one of us falls to weepin'

    Well I don't think you can see all the things we could be

    If you spend all your free time sleepin'

    Now I don't need a reason


    They say it's better to have loved and lost

    Than be alone, on your own and never love at all, But

    I must admit I didn't consider the cost

    What goes up comes down and I ain't lookin forward to fall

    I think about all the places we went

    And every time I took you out I didn't care what we spent

    And I know you like to hang out with your friends

    But by the end of every night I find I'm calling you again

    Wondering where you're at and who you're with

    Are you talkin' to a guy, tryna find a town to skip,baby?

    And you know it's been awhile since I've touched you

    Cuz I don't even know if i can trust you



  • Top Shelf Shake

    If you feel the music in your bones, once you hear the universal tone

    Well then you float away and find your home

    I got the power of love, rainin' from this 6 string like it's sent from above

    Watch the music flow like tears from a dove

    We're the baddest motherfuckers that you never heard of



    Cuz we are the one and only Top Shelf Shake

    And we're here to make the booty sway all night

    With our blend of ska and blues

    You know we're gonna move them shoes

    Cuz we are the ones who make you dance all day

    Let the rhythm section blow you away, that's right

    When you feel the reggae in your bones

    Ya know it's time to go get stoned


    This is my redemption song, this is what i got and this is my everlong

    If you think you might've heard this guitar before

    Well I got it from a friend who ain't with us no more

    Ya might know him, his name is Bradley

    He passed on his mantle and we grabbed it gladly

    Now we make these songs to keep his soul alive

    No the party doesn't start until the moment we arrive






    We got another friend by the name of Jimi

    He popped too many pills and he passed in his sleep

    But before he left this world he taught us the blues

    So now we're playinghere and we're paying our dues

    It all started one hot summer day

    In a small garage not too far away

    Now the sound you're hearing, ya know it's meant to be

    So pack it up and light it up breathe deeply




    Walkin' down the street we're goin get some beers

    Found a chill spot said let's kick it here

    Chillin in the park and writin' lyrics

    Realize that we can make money doin' this

    Bustin' out the phone and layin' down a track

    Burnin' up a bowl, we smoke it green to black

    Layin' shit down like a Cali earthquake

    Cuz we are the motherfuckin' Top Shelf Shake!

  • The Summer Song

    I'm clockin' out and I'm gone for the weekend

    I'm droppin dollars that I really shouldnt even spend

    Lets get a sack and well catch ourselves a nice fade

    Lets kick back and well catch oursleves some nice shade

    We got it made in the city where the sun stays

    Lets drink a toast to the most of fun we've had today

    I got some vices, I cant deny it

    But it entices, Why dont you try it

    I guarantee it'll make you feel alright

    Just stick with me and we'll keep it goin all night

    Lets get drunk and we'll start actin impolite

    We'll rock our shades cuz we all shinin' too bright


    I woke up in the morning to the sound of birds

    Singin sweet songs I never heard

    They got me feelin like my mind's a blur

    Smoke a morning bowl and we blast off

    Oh baby don't you know that we can't stop

    Until we find the perfect words


    I made some calls and we're all just too down

    Now there's about to be the greatest party around

    So everybody leave your fuckin problems on the ground

    Cuz ain't no time for you and I to be sportin' frowns.

    I'm feelin good and the party just started

    Let's get pumped ain't no time to be lethargic

    I got myself a strong drink on point

    Ya know it takes a lotta weed to roll a strong joint

    I got the bud girl if you got the paper

    Let's smoke now and we'll worry about it later

    There's nothin' better than the thrill of bein' a chaser

    Because I know I'm gonna ride that equator.


    I'm sittin' in the sunshine of your love

    Thinkin' did you come from up above

    And in my arms you fit just like a glove

    In the summer sun, oh what to do?

    I only wanna spend my time with you

    Cuz I can't get enough


    All I see

    Is you and me

    And a settin' sun

    You got me on one

    (When the night comes) And when I'm with you

    (We don't have to run) I can't resist you

    (Just sip on our rum) I see you eyein' me

    (And only have fun) You wanna try me


    Watchin' as the sun sets on our town

    Feelin' like I'm wearing a king's crown

    Turn the music up, don't turn it down

    Underneath the stars I turn to see

    My one and only lady next to me

    And I can't speak a sound

  • Carpet Shark

    Well I woke up Yesterday and the world was lookin wrong

    Threw on some old clothes and I went to hit the bong

    Opened up my cupboard and here is what I found

    An empty jar and a note that said "I don't fuck around."

    So i got dressed and I went out, thinkin bout that side of you

    Feelin depressed, kinda bent out, singin that bus ridah blues

    Got out to my dealer's house and you know he ain't never there

    Go back home and like a mouse I'm searchin' almost everywhere



    Cuz I'm a carpet shark oh yah

    And when I'm runnin dry and it seems there's no relief for my supply

    Yes I'm a carpet shark oh yah

    I'm lookin all around for nugs i may have dropped upon the ground


    So I called up all my friends to see who's got the green

    They ask how much I want but my wallet's lookin lean

    Check up on my bank account, it's way worse than i feared

    I spent all of my money on this guitar that you hear

    So I called up my boss to see if I was workin

    Lord knows I need the money its too bad he's a jerk and

    He let me go right on the spot and now I want to smoke some pot

    i'd rather be myself than try to fit in being what I'm not




    You'd think that I'd just buy some more, so I won't have so far to sink

    But every time I walk out that door, you know I can't help but think

    The last time that I hit the floor was when I had too much to drink

    And though I find I may be too poor, ya know I'll always smoke the dank


    Cuz I'm a carpet shark oh yah

    And when I'm runnin dry and it seems there's no relief for my supply

    Yes I'm a carpet shark oh yah

    I'm wishin' I could find a little bit of green medicine for my mind

  • Let the Light In

    Look how the world is, I'm asking where did the light go? (But what can we do?)

    It's always business, they're killing nature she cries "No!" (I'm mad, how bout you?)

    We got to make a difference because it's up to us

    We can't rely upon a future generation trust

    We say we're civilized but all I see is people die

    While the corporations thrive to keep the 1% alive


    Turn off the television, put down your cameras and iPhones (You'll enjoy your life)

    Maybe you'll learn a lesson, stop livin life like a dial tone (You'll live without strife)

    Sometimes a memory is better than a photograph

    The feeling in the air and what I said to make you laugh

    Unlike a picture you can call upon it anywhere

    And let it make you smile for awhile cuz you know you were there.


    We let the light in (x4)


    This is a calling, we're asking you to take a stand (Enlighten Yourself)

    If we work together, then we can surely stop The Man (It's good for your health)

    Go read a book cuz Huxley was right

    Soon our Brave New World is gonna face it's darkest night

    But who am I that I should tell you what to do

    You can march with the masses or fight with the few


    We let the light in (x4)


    If we stand as one then there's no limit to what we can overcome

    The power of love against the powers that be

    If ya got love in you let it out at once, the world almost has none

    Ya got to live life and be free, You got to live life and be free

    Here we go


    I look up to the sky and I look inside and I wonder why

    The human race is so bent on destroying it's own kind

    The hate that was deal, like grenades can be felt, and I can't even help but cry

    The evil forces in this world have extinguished the light

    But the embers continue to burn and with enough time

    Maybe all these people gonna learn how not to walk the line

    We must educate on our possible fate, if we don't then we're doomed to die

    They're out there blowing bombs while we're in here tryna blow some minds


    We let the light in (x4)

  • Officer Problem


    Young man walkin' in the dead of night

    As a dark hood hides his face from sight

    One-time sees him while he's on his way

    They yell "freeze right now, or you will pay!"

    Raises his hands but he moves too fast

    So they fire nine rounds, put him on his ass

    System says they are justified

    While the streets ran red and his mother cried!



    Poor man hustles on a busy block

    As the people walk by, he peddles his stock

    Police bust him for no permit

    He yells "I dont have to take this shit!"

    He speaks his mind cuz he knows he's broke

    So they silence him with a lethal choke

    They say they're just cleaning up the streets

    But they killed a man just tryna' make ends meet!



    We got an officer problem

    How long we gonna wait, til we fight to see a change?

    Only together can we stop them

    What's it gonna take til we realize our own strength?

    We got an officer problem

    They effectively have got us all, with our backs against the wall

    We got an officer problem

    If we dont stand together then we're definitely bound to fall



    By any means necessary, we will kill our adversary

    This was the mindset of a certain Mr. X

    Then there was another man who spoke about a dream he had

    His message was love and peace, in the face of reddened streets

    Now both these cultural icons, the whole world had their eyes on

    Had their hating factions, assassinating actions

    The world was left to mourn in the wake senseless scorn

    And the violence met with silence with a rebel fist we warn





    Their dead souls whisper in my blood

    (Begging give us peace)

    But violence flows on like a flood

    (With no intent to cease)

    Black and white both get gunned down

    (By the boys in blue)

    The biggest gang in every town

    (Is coming after you)

    They're coming after you



  • Generation of Change

    I must admit I watched the news the other day

    And I had to get a tissue just to wipe the tears away

    It's terrifying when you live in a society,

    You gotta knock on wood for sayin' don't you go and die on me

    Cuz everyday there's more deaths and more hate

    And you gotta run the camera every time they run your plates

    And every week I hear they're tearin' up more families

    You gotta watch your back cuz they're killin' people randomly

    And this shit ain't OK




    Look around, what do you see? It don't look good to me

    People dyin', lover's cryin and blood on the streets

    We must love loud and do it now or else we're history

    The hate has grown but we can show them what it is to be

    A Generation of Change (x2)


    Did you ever wonder why every decade we got a war?

    And think of all the veil things they're using people for

    They gotta maintain their wealth and with the greatest stealth

    They're pullin' all the strings and making profit off the poor

    Cuz when they look at the people they just see dollar signs

    Reducing love in the streets, shit happens all the time

    Divide and conquer tactics think they're gonna beat us

    We gotta come together with love and show they can't defeat us


    Don't accept the things they tell you without thinking

    Use your head, think for yourself, this ship is sinking

    Question everything you're told you'll start to see it

    That we can't hold on, we can't hold on


    Look around, what do you see? It don't look good to me

    People dyin', lover's cryin and blood on the streets

    We must love loud and do it now or else we're history

    The hate has grown but we can show them what it is to be

    A Generation of Change (x4)

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