Top Shelf Shake is a 3-piece reggae rock band from Chino, California with an explosive sound that combines Reggae, Rock, Ska and Punk into a distinctly different style that they call their own. With thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melodies, their songs are a fresh yet familiar take on the quintessential "California sound." Since their inception in the Spring of 2014, they've set out to create music that encourages independent, positive thinking and a healthy ability to question authority, or as they put it :

"The Power of Love against the powers that be."

Brandon "Chicken Tenders" Caudle


Since the age of nine, Brandon knew that playing drums would enlighten many people with his creativity, passion and love for the instrument, just as it does for himself. With many great talents coming out of his hometown of Pomona, California; Caudle is a one of a kind drummer like no other. Self taught, and with very few lessons throughout his musical career, he still strives to learn from others. His father was a guitar player while his mother was a singer in the church. As a musician, Brandon's influences come from Rock, Gospel, Funk, Pop, R&B and Jazz. This is why being versatile is one of Brandon's greatest strengths, and one which he brings with gusto to The Shake.

Aaron "Ronnie Fallout" Zuniga


Music is the only thing that ever made any sense to Aaron. Since infancy, his mother played Beatles songs throughout the house, and by the age of 5, he knew all the words and melodies by heart. His father, who raised him on a healthy diet of all things classic-rock, played bass in several bands throughout Aaron's childhood and some of his fondest memories are of listening to his dad's band endlessly practicing Santana standards through the walls of the house. Strangely, it wasn't until the ripe age of 15 that Aaron discovered his love for actually playing music, and stranger still, he started and became proficient on the drums. A year later, by a twist of fate, he was placed in a beginner guitar course as a filler class in his senior year of high school. Within 2 months he promptly dropped out, but he never stopped playing guitar. Over the years, he wandered through minimum-wage jobs, knowing he was meant for more and listlessly applying himself to the minimum degree. In 2014 at the age of 24, he settled into a solid job in the Mortgage Industry while he kept performing with The Shake and by July of 2016, found himself at a crossroads: Take the safe bet, get promoted in a cushy, air-conditioned, high-paying office job, take a never-ending stream of calls from customers, wear a suit and be forced to answer to a necktied bossman or follow his dreams into the uncertain abyss that is the music industry. Well, we know how that story ended.

Zac "Green Mile" Gram

Bass Guitar

Born and raised in the barren desert town of Victorville, California.
Zac had always dreamed of becoming a musician, ever since the days of his youth when he would listen to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder records. It wasn't until 2010 that he realized his dream during a serendipitous jam session with his close friends Aaron Zuniga and Andy Hope. Andy sold Zac his very first bass for $80 and like a fish to water the instrument was a natural fit, the rest is history.

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