Higher Education is more than just a debut album. It started out as a random collection of songs but slowly evolved into a cohesive story: A story about a person who goes through a transformation. The story arc traces events that unfold as the album progresses. The first act finds our hero in love and caring for little else besides the company of his one and only. Upon his return from a hedonistic yet lonely trip to the city of sin, he spends a carefree summer of love in the arms of his beloved before losing her to the trials and tribulations of any relationship. After a particularly bad day he realizes that it's only after he's lost her that he's able to turn off his mind and open himself to enlightenment, with but a little botanical assistance. The second act, in which our hero has successfully opened his mind, finds him beginning to see the world in different ways, noting the oppressive violence and senseless dependency on technology that runs rampart not only in the U.S. but the world over. The album closes with an admonition to the people of earth that the time has come to signal a change from the status quo.

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